Wednesday 7 May 2014

Sir Clements Markham, Dr John Rae & Markham Rae

Sir Clements Markham (20 July 1830 - 30 January 1916) was an English explorer, geographer and writer. At varied times in his long and interesting career he was an Arctic explorer, sponsor of Captain Scott's Antarctic expeditions and President of the Royal Geographical Society.

Markham started his career as a Royal Naval cadet and midshipman and travelled extensively to the Artic, India and South America. Six years after his first trip to Peru, Markham went back on a mission to collect cinchona plants and seeds.

Whilst working in the India Office as a civil servant, he made proposals to his employers for a scheme for collecting cinchona trees from the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes, and transplanting them to selected sites in India. The Cinchona bark, is a source of quinine and was the first known treatment for malaria and other tropical diseases.

Dr John Rae, (30 September 1813 - 22 July 1893) was born in Orkney, a Scottish doctor who explored Northern Canada. He was the surgeon at Moose Factory, Ontatrio, a remote Hudson Bay Company trading post.

He was a keen explorer, for example he explored the Gulf of Boothia as well as the Artic coast near Victoria Island. He was known for his skill at hunting, using native methords to live off the land and above all his physical stamina. Rae also worked on the influencial telegraph line to America, did a telegraph surveys in the west of Canada and explorered for a proposed telegraph line from the US to Russia.

Markham Rae, a London based absolute return manager, that trades in highly liquid markets, has taken it's name from these two great Victorian explorers. Admiring their work-ethic, the value they placed on education, their quest for knowledge, spirit of enterprise, their inventiveness and boldness of vision.

Their clients are corporate and local authority pension funds, insurance companies and family offices around the world, currently in the UK, Europe and Canada. This hedge fund focusing on downside protection, we aim to deliver positive returns for the long-term investor. Let's hope that just like the explorers, Markham Rae are successful in navigating the complexities of investments for both their discretionary and systematic trend following strategies.