Friday 31 July 2015

Liposuction? Moi? Or should I try jogging to Sheffield?

Heeere's Jonny! Back again and bigger than before. Specifically, bigger around the waist, where I've gained some podge since my last post in May.

I used to have a housemate at uni who was studying medicine and doing some kind of project on fat. Sometimes he'd watch DVDs of surgeries, liposuction, fat removal, that kind of thing. I've never been that squeamish but watching films of people being cut open to have lipo didn’t appeal that much to me!

I've recently put on weight and I have to admit I started considering lipo myself. I was googling for some options and came across a place in Sheffield that offered 3D liposuction. No, you don’t have to wear special glasses to see it. 3D lipo is a way of getting your puppy fat removal without any invasive surgery and (even better) without any exercise! It involves a combination of freezing fat cells and stimulating them by ultrasound using a 3D Lipomed machine.

I have thought about doing some exercise instead. It's important to stay fit as I get older, and it’s a good way of fat removal. A lot of my friends in Manchester are into running these day, and marathons are all the rage. After all they do say that endorphins are addictive. But after a long day of working hard making money, it's not that appealing to slip on some running shorts and go dashing around Didsbury. Especially when it's winter and everything's cold and dark. But at least I’d have some pals to run with I suppose.

Might give the running a try, but if that doesn’t work out, don’t be surprised if you see me heading towards Sheffield for some 3D liposuction. By hook or by crook this fat removal is going to happen!