Monday 23 March 2015

Financial Marketing

At work, we have recently been partnering with an external marketing company called HT Financial Marketing to help us with various projects. I must say, I was dubious in the beginning as to how a small company could help us with marketing projects as they are unfamiliar to the company and our processes – however I have been pleasantly surprised.

The main thing we needed help with was the planning and implementation of an integrated marketing campaign as we are short-staffed (and short on time).

One of the main reasons we chose HT Financial Marketing, is that they have several years experience in the financial services industry and this proved to be very useful. In our first meeting they initially listened to the objectives and aims of the campaign and quickly got up to speed on the product we want to raise awareness for.

They also gave us some good suggestions as to who to target and aside from the email campaign, ways to further expand audience reach via social media. They had to run with most elements of the campaign themselves, as I have only had limited time to oversee the project – what made this easier is that one of their team worked in our offices for two weeks, so that communication was a lot easier and that person became part of our marketing team.

We have now launched the campaign and I am hoping for some enquiries for our product to start to come in. Also very interested to see the first month statistics for the social media campaign.

It’s been an interesting few weeks working with HT Financial Marketing and I have learnt some new social media skills. To make the most of these though, I now need to work on my LinkedIn page!