Sunday 19 November 2017

Speaking to students at Sheffield University

I've just come back from Sheffield, where I delivered a lecture to students at Sheffield University. It's good to see such hunger on learning and seeing how academic life prepares you for a career.
What I especially noticed is that students nowadays are thinking practically about how they can make a living afterwards. They asked more questions about how I set up as a freelance business and won customers than anything else. I guess that what happens when you have to get into serious debt just to get a degree in this day and age.
I went to Oxford of course, but I’ve always likes the look of Sheffield and Sheffield University. My good friend Brian, who has worked there for years (and of course invited me to speak to his students) is always raving about it. The great shops at Ecclesall Road, the bars and pubs of Broomhall and Broomhill and even the better than average student accommodation Sheffield.
Well, I have to say it made me feel good about myself seeing those students hanging onto every word I said, and interested in how I’ve got to where I am after years at University. I think I’ve got a taste for public speaking again. It might be time for me to dust off my old poems, a habit I started in university, and start looking for some poetry open mics.
Thanks Brian and Sheffield for having my and the lovely accommodation. I’ll be back to stay soon.