Monday, 26 March 2012

Me? A private detective in Sheffield?

I went for a job interview last week in Sheffield. It was for a private detective agency. Now, I'm not sure I even wanted the job. I'm quite happy where I am, and I'm not sure I'd want to move th Sheffield, although you can commute from Manchester to Sheffield fairly easily.

Anyway, a friend (it was you Sheffield Greg!) in Sheffield sent me a link to this Sheffield Private Detective Agency who had a vacancy for a new detecive, and being a good researcher, he thought it might be something I'd be interested in. I do like the idea of being a private detective - I do like strange things, so I thought I'd apply for a laugh. I think Greg just wanted me to move to Sheffield as he'd be able to see more of me then.

Anyway, I dusted off me pretty impressive CV, and sent it over the the detectives, and low and behold, I got an interview.  So, last week I got the train over to Sheffield and had an interview to become a private detective!

It wasn't quite what I was expecting, much less like a private detective agency on TV and more like an IT company of something. Pretty professional and very computer based. That's where it went wrong for me really. I think they really liked my research skills, but when it came to the computer skills, they were really demanding, and it turned out they didn't think I was skilled enough with computers to be a private detective. Anyway, I had a nice trip to Sheffield, and got to see my old mate Greg, but looks like I'm not cut out to be a Private detective, at least not one in Sheffield.


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  2. 'A private detective' sounds so stylish, as if you were a noir film star. Fuck the agency and find some jude-law-looking friend to be your own Dr Watson!

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